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UC Restroom Renovation Complete

The renovation of the UC North restrooms near the Fiesta Dancers entrance is now completed. The new restrooms feature new tile, counters and wall coverings accented with UTSA blue and orange.  The restrooms also feature energy efficient LED lighting as well as DYSON Air Blade hand dryers.  

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UC Food Court/Ski Lodge Elevator Now Available

The UC elevator behind the UC Ski Lodge in UC North near the Food Court has passed state inspection and is available for use.

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UC Restroom Renovation Update

The UC North restroom renovation continues. Drywall is up in preparation for new wall finishes and fixtures. Check out our ongoing slideshow of renovation images.

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UC Restroom Demolition Completed

Demolition has just completed for the renovations on the UC North First Floor restrooms just inside the Fiesta Dancers entrance. Soon, construction workers will begin to add back walls, floors and fixtures to create what will essentially be brand new restrooms for UC North. Check out the slide show and keep checking the UCnewsblog as […]

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UCII Contruction

UC III begins construction on solar panels

The installation of solar panels on the roof of the UC South (formerly UCIII) has begun. Please observe caution as you walk about the UC. Completion is anticipated by the end of this summer. Once finished, the UC will realize financial and energy savings–allowing us to use energy and our student fee funds more efficiently.

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