UC and EMCS Address Guest Concerns

In the Fall 2011 semester, the UC and EMCS conducted customer service research to understand how to improve the event management process on the UTSA Main Campus.  Over the course of two months, the UC conducted two student focus groups, two faculty/staff focus groups, and sent a survey to nearly 500 individuals who regularly request events on campus.

Staff learned a great deal from these interactions. Based on the valuable feedback and their own internal review, the UC and EMCS have taken the following actions:

What you said:

What we did:

Invoices are confusing and lack sufficient detail. They also take too long to arrive.

Invoices now include the event requestor’s name, the events manager assigned, and detailed information of all used resources.The UC business office has also examined staffing levels and found a way to directly import event details into billing software to reduce error and improve efficiency. 
It was frustrating when your event was ready to start and there was still no microphone. Operations staff now place handheld microphones in meeting rooms prior to client access time. 
Reservation confirmation PDFs are hard to read, especially for meetings with recurring reservations. Confirmation PDFs now have larger, bolder fonts and colored highlights to clearly communicate important confirmation details. 
Important event information is hard to find on the events management website. Revision and reorganization of the EMCS website is underway and will hopefully be completed by the fall semester. 
Student and full-time staff members often interrupt your events by entering unannounced and at inappropriate times. Room event schedules are now posted in access corridors and staff has received additional training regarding contacting clients during events in progress. 
The room is usually locked when you arrive and there is no one on hand to address any pre-event concerns. Staff created an event greeter program and hired additional student staff to meet clients at the determined client access time. 
The overall events management process is unclear to inexperienced event planners. Staff is revising event checklists and updating informational documents regarding the event planning process at UTSA. 
Events are not set up as requested in the event planning meetings. Meeting Matrix, an event diagramming software, will be purchased by the end of the fiscal year.  This new software will help to create more accurate and to-scale diagrams to aid in event facilitation.Event clients will also be able to create and save preliminary layouts online.
Set-up staff also receives ongoing training to accurately set-up event space based on client diagrams. 
You have to go through half the event form only to realize that you cannot yet request meeting space for certain time periods. Priority reservation dates have been placed at the top of the event reservation request form as a reminder. Staff members are also evaluating additional ways to improve the online reservation form. 

Thank you for your continued support of the UC. Without your feedback we cannot improve. We look forward to refining and creating processes and services to ensure we meet the needs of the UTSA campus for years to come.

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